Greens criticise forestry regeneration burns

Greens criticise forestry regeneration burns

20 April 2008

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Australia– The Greens deputy leader Nick McKim has described Forestry Tasmania’s annual burn-offs as climate vandalism.

The burns take place every autumn.

Photo: ABC news, Kevin KiermanMr McKim says the burns are not necessary and have a negative environmental impact because they release carbon into the atmosphere.

He says the practice should be stopped, but the Greens are not against other burn-offs to reduce the danger of bushfires.

“We have always supported fuel reduction burns if life and property is at risk,” Mr McKim said.

“But I want to be very clear. The burns that are the cause of the nicotine stained skies around the entire state are not fuel reduction burns. They are part of Forestry Tasmania’s harvesting activities,” he said.

A Forestry Tasmania spokesman says the burns are designed to mimic the natural role of fire in the life cycle of eucalyptus forests.

He says the fires create ash which supports the germination and growth of new trees.

The spokesman says a study found carbon stored in Tasmania’s state forests and resulting wood products will increase by more than 700,000 tonnes a year over the next 40 years.

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