Two boys facing felony charges in brush fire

Two boys facing felony charges in brush fire

31 March 2008

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LEHIGH ACRES: Two boys are facing felony charges for allegedly setting a fire in Lehigh Acres. The mother of one of the boys accused is still in shock of what her son is accused of doing.

Naya Hernandez’s 11-year-old son Ivan is accused starting a fire in a field next to their home when he and his 9-year-old neighbor Cody Kraynak got curious with a lighter.

Neighbors rushed to the scene.

Ivan Hernandez eventually confessed to his mother.

“I almost fainted, I just, I could not believe it,” said Naya Hernandez.

Hernandez describes her son as hyper and says he has always been fascinated with fire.

“Many times I told him don’t play with fire because it’s dangerous,” said Hernandez.

The fire is an eerie reminder of the fire that scorched 2000 acres in Lehigh in 2006.

Curious kids were blamed then too.

With the dry conditions, Fire Marshall Ken Bennett warns parents to be aware.

“Please be aware of where your children are and what they have, cigarette lighters and matches. Talk to them about fire safety, the importance of keeping those things away,” said Bennett.

The boys are charged with malicious intent to burn.

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