Bad woody weeds killed

Bad woody weeds killed

24 March 2008

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Australia — DSE has been getting in early to remove various weeds in the upper Goulburn district before they are established.

“A recent field inspection revealed cape and English broom, blackberry, and other woody weed infestations are taking root in the region,” DSE north-east regional Good Neighbour Integration Project co-ordinator Stefan Kaiser said.

“The Great Divide bushfires appear to have stimulated a mass germination of cape and English broom in some areas and now is an opportune time to tackle the newly germinated woody weeds as the seedlings have not entered the flowering stage and set seed,” he said.

“We are hoping to deplete the existing seed beds in these treatment areas and will closely monitor the results of the treatment.”

DSE Mansfield Bushfire Recovery Project officer Ged Mahoney, who was also involved in the inspection, said if left untreated, these weeds form woody stems and grow to about 2 m.

Blackberry and more established broom have also been recently treated between Jamieson and Woods Point.

“The inspection has also identified a few more areas which will need a follow-up treatment to ensure all the regenerated seedlings are tackled,” Mr Mahoney said.

The treatment program is part of north-east DSE’s Great Divide Bushfire Recovery Program which has been funded until June next year.

“We are hoping to see more positive on-theground results as the treatment program continues,” Mr Mahoney said.

“In the coming weeks, the program will be focusing on tackling the weeds in the Tolmie area.”

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