Fight to save burnt koala

   Fight to save burnt koala

7 March 2008

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Australia — Healesville Sanctuary vets are working to save a koala injured in a bushfire in Victoria’s southeast. The two-year-old female suffered second- and third-degree burns to her back feet.

Senior veterinarian Rupert Baker said blood tests had also revealed the koala was suffering kidney disease as a result of severe dehydration caused by the fire.

“She dehydrated really quickly. If we can get the fluids up, we might get it to improve,” he said.

“Hopefully, things will go right. It’s more likely than not things will be fine.”

The koala was injured in an 830ha bushfire on Snake Island, near Wilsons Promontory.

Wildlife officers and vets treated several others on the island before releasing them into areas not touched by the fire.

Dr Baker said the koala was being kept in isolation to avoid contracting disease and would be looked after by a dedicated keeper.

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