Wet Winter Could Mean Busy Fire Season

WetWinter Could Mean Busy Fire Season

1 March 2008

published by www.kesq.com

Palm Desert, CA, USA — This year’s winter was a wet one here in the desert.All of the water has left behind beautiful flowers and greenery. As thetemperature heats up, the vegetation will die off, leaving behind dry brushwhich can quickly turn into fuel for fires.

Firefighters say all it takes is some dry brush and a spark to create a firethat can quickly turn massive.

This year, the rainfall in the valley was more than it has been in years.Mixing the new fresh plants with old dry brush can create a dangerous problem.

“The new vegetation is a lighter fuel. Then, it mixes with the brushthat has been dead for years and it makes fighting the fires a lot moredifficult,” says Palm Springs Fire Department Battalion Chief Austin Smith.”Fast moving fires are dangerous for crews and residents.”

Smith says residents should clear any brush from around their homes to helpprotect themselves from fires. Also, planting fire resistant plants, like ivy,can help in the case of a fire.

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