Haze from Sumatra forest fires covers Aceh

Haze from Sumatra forest fires covers Aceh

26 February 2008

published by www.antara.co.id  

Sumatra, Indonesia — Banda Aceh Municipality and Aceh Besar District have been covered by haze from Sumatra forest fires over the past few days, however it did not affect flights at Sultan Iskandar Muda airport.

The haze had covered Aceh since last week, head of the Blang Bintang meteorological office Syamsuir said here on Tuesday.

The haze did not disturb flight schedules at the airport as the visibility was still above five kilometers, he said.

“Although it looks quite thick, the haze is not dangerous for flights even in the evening,” he said.

In addition to Banda Aceh and Aceh Besar, the smoke also affected Weh Island, Sabang, Pidie, Central Aceh, and Southeast Aceh.

Hot spots from forest and bush fires were detected among other things in Dumai and Bengkalis districts in Riau Province, West Sumatra, Mandailing Natal in North Sumatra Province, East Aceh, Jambi, South Sumatra and Lampung.

Last Tuesday (Feb. 19), the number of hot spots on Sumatra Island reached a total of 349, including 90 hot spots in Riau Province alone he said. Rains over the past few days helped extinguish most of the hot spots.

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