KI burnoff just months after big fires

KI burnoff just months after big fires

25 February 2008

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Australia — Landowners near the eastern end of Kangaroo Island are being urged to get involved in a burning-off program to promote regeneration.

It is two months since bushfires blackened thousands of hectares mainly at the western end of the island.

Dave Taylor, from the Environment Department, says bushland in the island’s eastern region needs attention.

“I guess from an outsider’s point of view it would seem quite bizarre that we are looking to burn other areas of the island when there has been quite a bit of fire recently,” he said.

“But I guess you just have to understand the history of fire on the island and how the lack of fire has affected the biodiversity on the eastern end.

“The vegetation that I’m working in is in small little islands or pockets of scrub that’s either on the roadside or on people’s paddocks and it’s not subject to a lot of the natural process of fire that we actually have elsewhere on the island.”

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