Forest Fire Thieves

Forest Fire Thieves

24 February 2008

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USA — The fire was rolling down.

“It came within about a quarter mile of our house.”, says Cassie Crouch.

The Crouch family had to leave.  They took just a few things from their Montvale home.

“We figured we would be back in a day or two.”, says Cassie.

They were back a couple days later.  It was cold inside their house.  Daniel found a window shattered.  The house was a wreck. The computer and entertainment center were knocked on the floor.

“It was rampaged.”, says Cassie.

Thieves left the big things behind, but took anything they could get their hands on easily.

“My jewelry box had been gone through.  They took all my jewelry.”, says Cassie.  “Things that I can’t replace, nobody can replace. Things I got from my mom and dad when I was a little girl.”

Cassie’s childhood memories aren’t the only ones missing.

“You asked mommy and daddy where it was at huh?.”, says Cassie to her four year old daughter Emily.

Emily walks in her room and her big bright eyes just stare at the spot where he piggy bank was, until someone stole it.

A little girl’s life savings gone, along with the answer to this question.

“Why, why would somebody want to do this to us?”, says Cassie.

The Bedford County Sheriff’s Office tells us this is an active investigation.

Cassie says investigators took a compact she had and were able to get fingerprints from it.

The family estimates about $4,500 worth of items were taken.

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