A New Book in the Making: EuroCharity’s 2007 Yearbook

A New Book in the Making: EuroCharity’s 2007 Yearbook

22 February 2008

published by www.csrwire.com

Greece — Specially focussing on how the business community responded with positive actions to Greece’s catastrophic forest fires in summer 2007, EuroCharity is currently in the process of publishing a new book, entitled “The Spirit of the Forest”. Touching on Greece’s disastrous forest fires and crisis, “The Spirit of the Forest” will particularly focus on how the business community responded to the horrific catastrophes and fires with positive, voluntary and restorative actions, such as providing assistance, making in-kind and financial donations, mobilising staff, offering services free of charge, cancelling loans and giving shelter to the wildfire and forest-fire victims, rebuilding their homes and villages in fire-stricken areas, getting involved in reforestation programmes, etc.

Scheduled to be published in the second quarter of 2008, this special book will be printed and edited by Livanis Publishing Organisation, Greece’s leading publicly-listed publishing house.

EuroCharity’s landmark Yearbook 2007 shall include special messages, numerous forewords, a plethora of photographs as well as practical tips on how to prevent such unprecedented fires in future. This limited-edition book will not be available in bookstores but only through the companies and organisations that will be presenting their actions, programmes and initiatives in this publication, as well as via EuroCharity. It will also be distributed to the delegates of selected conferences, exhibitions and events in Greece that EuroCharity is officially supporting and/or co-organising throughout 2008.

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