CarbonX Takes on Smash Lab’s Simulated Forest Fire

CarbonX Takes on Smash Lab’s Simulated Forest Fire

20 February 2008

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USA — Its proven performance in protecting people and property from fire, molten metal and arc flash prompted Discovery Channel to put CarbonX® ( to the test on its new show “Smash Lab” that utilizes best-of-industry technologies to mitigate real-world hazards.

CarbonX non-flammable fabrics, manufactured by Chapman Innovations® (, will be featured on Smash Lab’s “Fireproof House” episode scheduled to air Feb. 20, 2008 at 10 p.m. EST on Discovery Channel. Inspired by the wide-spread fires in California this past year, the Smash Lab team works to develop a deployable solution that will protect homes from the devastating effect of wild fires. The cast selects CarbonX fabrics to be used as a key component in the composite solution.

CarbonX fabrics are based on a patented blend of high-performance fibers that will not burn even when directly exposed to fire, providing the ultimate protection for people and property. Widely used in protective apparel in car racing, industrial, fire fighting and tactical markets, CarbonX fabrics also have application in shielding property from the hazards associated with direct flame.

“CarbonX is the one fabric people working in hazardous situations want to be wearing on the worst day of their lives,” said Bob Goulet, chief operating officer at Chapman Innovations.“The CarbonX family of fabrics will not ignite or burn even when exposed to extreme temperatures. Due to its incredible performance protecting people, the challenge to use CarbonX in this application was very intriguing. The result was very promising; CarbonX can effectively protect homes from forest fires.”

Shortly after filming the “Fireproof House” episode for Smash Lab, Special Effects Coordinator James Beauchamp at Darlow Smithson Productions/IMG Productions was involved in an explosion. Because he was wearing a CarbonX undershirt, the degree of his injuries were not nearly as severe as they could have been.

“I was in a car setting up an experiment and a rocket went off prematurely,” stated Beauchamp.“The car was nearly totaled; and the interior, where I was curled up in a ball, was melted. The emergency room doctor couldn’t figure out why I didn’t have burns on my back, arms and stomach. It was because I was wearing a CarbonX undershirt and it protected me that day. After that experience I wear a full CarbonX suit to work every day.”

About CarbonX®

CarbonX® fabrics are based on patented blends of high-performance fibers that will not ignite burn, char, shrink or significantly decompose when exposed to intense flame, molten metal, arc flash or high heat. Even after intense exposure, CarbonX maintains its integrity and continues to protect. These capabilities are why CarbonX is the best non-flammable fabric on the market today.

About Chapman Innovations®

Founded in the late 1990s, Salt Lake City-based Chapman Innovations develops, produces and markets thermal fabric solutions for a variety of industries and end-uses. Chapman’s products not only exceed industry specifications, but also save the lives of people that work in some of the world’s most hazardous situations.

About Smash Lab

Each Wednesday, the Smash Lab team of maverick engineers takes everyday technology and applies it in revolutionary new ways. First they break the existing technology down to see how it works and then they use their genius to see how it could be used in a whole new super-sized way.

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