Living with Wildfire Booklet Can Save Homes, Businesses

Living with Wildfire Booklet Can Save Homes, Businesses

21 February 2008

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USA — This free publication explains simple measures anyone can take to protect their property.

Homes, businesses and other property are at increased risk from wildfire in Missouri, due to ice storms early and late in 2007. A free publication from the Missouri Department of Conservation tells how to protect yourself.

Woody debris created by fallen trees and tree limbs has dramatically increased the risk of wildfire across most of Missouri. In some areas, the amount of woody fuel lying in woodlands is 10 times greater than normal. This will increase the intensity of natural-cover fires and facilitate their spread.

Living with Wildfire is an 8-page booklet designed to help Missourians minimize the chances of losing homes, outbuildings, businesses, automobiles and other equipment to fires.

The booklet has sections explaining where the risk is greatest, how to create a buffer of “defensible space” around property, landscaping to minimize fire danger, fire-resistant building and remodeling materials and more. The back page has a checklist property owners can use to make sure they have covered all the bases.

To receive a copy write to MDC, Living with Wildfire, P.O. Box 180, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0180 or e-mail

pubstaff at mdc dot A digital version is available at (PDF ).

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