Wildfire Danger

Wildfire Danger

9 February 2008

published by www.kauz.com

USA — Fire season is in full swing with crews battling blazes daily. But theflames don’t always stay in the grass. So the danger of homes and buildingscatching fire is a serious concern.

 However there are things you can do to prepare. Wichita Falls EmergencyPreparedness Coordinator Jamie Moore said it starts by keeping grass around yourhome trimmed short.

“You can have grass that’s a foot tall with flames 10 or 12 feet tallbelieve it or not in wind. That’s why it’s really important you cut back as lowas possible so you limit the amount of flames going to result, if you do have afire next to your place.” said Moore.

He also said to be cautious of things around and on your home.

“So some things to think about, make sure you roof is cleaned off, makesure your gutters are cleaned out, so a fire doesn’t have a chance to startright next to your home.”

 Also remove piled up fire wood and trim thick shrubs and trees. Butremember even simple outdoor cleaning or work can quickly turn dangerous.

“If you’re doing welding maybe trimming trees with gas power saws thesethings can throw out sparks.”

And Moore says in this dry condition,  those sparks are all it takes tocreate a wildfire.


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