Youth urged to help educate people against bush burning

Youthurged to help educate people against bush burning

2 February 2008

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Ghana — Nana Effah Boakye, Brong-Ahafo Regional President of theAnti-bushfire squad has called on the youth to join the campaign in educatingthe people against the rampant destruction of the ecology through bush burning.

He said this would help curb the rampant perennial bush fires with theirdisastrous effects on the vegetative cover and personal properties in the region.

Nana Effah, who is the Krontihene of Fiaso, made the call at a public forum atForikrom organized by the Abrono Organic Farming Project to educate the youthand farmers on the dangers of bush burning.

He stressed that food crops such as cassava, cashew and mango had been destroyedby bushfires due to the lack of education of the farmers and asked the youth tohelp reverse the trend.

Nana Kwao Adams, Twafohene of Forikrom and Executive Director of the AbronoProject, said the forum was to inform all stakeholders on the effectivemanagement of forests through its protection against bush burning.

He urged the people to also protect tourist attraction sites, noting that thebats cave at Forikrom had been well developed as tourist attractions

The chief cautioned hunters to refrain from using naked fire to trap their game,and that, offenders would not be spared when caught.

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