Bulldozer rolls killing driver

  Bulldozer rolls killing driver

2 January 2008

published by www.abc.net.au  

Australia — A man has been killed while trying to clear a track to fight a bushfire near the Snowy River National Park in east Gippsland.

The man was driving his bulldozer when it rolled about 1:00AM AEDT.

Fire fighters are battling about 15 blazes sparked by lightening across East Gippsland.

Department of Sustainability and Environment State Duty Officer Mark Woodman says the largest is about 15 hectares near Bendoc, north east of Orbost .

“Some of them are very remote and have had no one on them and we’re moving more people in to the area today,” he said.

“We’re also moving crews from other parts of the state and also more aircraft.”

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