Heavy rain eases Vic bushfire threat

Heavy rain eases Vic bushfire threat

19 January 2008

published by news.theage.com.au

Australia — Victorian authorities remain on alert for lightening strikes starting bushfires, despite good rains easing the bushfire threat.

Department of Sustainability and Environment state duty officer Dennis Ward said there had been heavy rain in western Victoria with good falls in the north-east region.

“There is the slight possibility of lightning in the north-east later in the day but the rain has certainly quietened down the fire situation,” Mr Ward said.

He said the fire in rough terrain at Mt Joan near Corryong in the north-east was contained and firefighters would consider scaling down their numbers later on Saturday.

“The rain is a welcome change and allows people to breathe a bit easier and regroup but the country is still very dry after many years of below average rainfall,” Mr Ward said.

“If we get a warm cycle

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