Uganda: Do Not Cut Grass, Gulu Hunters Told

Uganda: Do Not Cut Grass, Gulu Hunters Told

6 December 2007

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Uganda — The LC5 Councillor for Paicho Sub-county, Mr Alex Otim, has warned hunters in Gulu District against burning grass as they search for wild animals.

Mr Otim said burning the grass is a hinderance the resettlement of the formerly internally displaced persons (IDPs) because the grass is needed in thatching re-built huts.

“The hunters are burning grass which is the material that former IDPs use in the construction of huts as they set back to their original homes,” he said.

Speaking to Daily Monitor on Monday, Mr Otim said the IDPS also risk burning their huts now that the dry season is approaching, adding that the whirlwind can easily carry sparks of fire from the bush to the huts.

Fire accidents

Fire accidents are common in northern Uganda during dry seasons with property worth millions of shillings lost to the fire.

“Several IDPs who are returning to their homes have complained that hunters are burning the resources for thatching their huts,” he said.

“Although we all want to eat meat, we should first look at which one is more urgent at this time of returning home,” Mr Otim said.

The IDPS have been in camps for years following the insurgency caused by Lords Resistance Army rebel activities against the government.

IDPs speak out

The District Disaster Management Committee Chairman, Mr Charles Uma, said between May to June, they visited camps to seek views of IDPs on the issue of them returning home.

“Most of them were saying that they are ready and willing to return but still waiting for the grass to mature since it’s the only material for thatching their huts in the region,” he said.

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