Little Desert National Park still burning

Little Desert National Park still burning

19 November 2007

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Australia — The Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment says fires across the state over the weekend are a reminder of the major risk facing the state this bushfire season.

It says 36 new fires began, most through lightning strikes, with 260 firefighters still battling seven.

The largest is a 14,000 hectare blaze in the Little Desert National Park in the state’s west.

Department spokesman Mark Woodman says crews have been working overnight, but it is not yet under control.

“The larger ones, while there’s a lot of work being done on them and there’s containment lines around most of the edge, there’s still in both cases more work required today, and given the hot conditions today then the fire danger’s getting up towards extreme, there’ll be a lot of work in blacking out and control, so I think there’ll be a little while before [we would] call them contained,” he said.

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