Modern firefighting tools to a community forest

Modern firefighting tools to a community forest

13 October 2007

published byKantipur National Daily News Paper

Nepal — German government has provided several firefighting tools to a community forest user group committee.

Mr. Norbert Meyer, the Counselor of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany handed over the protective clothes and the tools to the user group equivalent to about 900 thousands nepales rupees in Friday, 12 October 2007. 24 user group members are also being trained for forest fire management.

Mr. Meyer highlighted the consequences of the fire on forest degradation and livelihood of the people. He also informed the causes of fire accounting 58 % due to intentional, 22% due to negligence and 20% due to accident.

(an unofficial translation from Nepali News by Sundar Prasad Sharma-GFMC)


News published in Kantipur daily in 13 Oct 2007


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