California rejects top Russian firefighting plane

California rejects top Russian firefightingplane

 25 October 2007

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California, USA — The Unites States has rejected Russia’s offer of an Ilyushin76 firefighting plane, which experts say is first rate at dealing with fires ofthe sort now tearing through southern California.

Republican congress member Dana Rohrabacher says he’s been trying to get theIlyushins to the U.S. for years, and says Californians are now paying the pricefor not having them.

“If those people I talked had been honestand worked with me to open up the system, we probably would have been able tosave hundreds if not thousands of homes in California,” he said.

“The real purpose is just protectingspecial interests within society from competition,” MrRohrabacher said.

It’s not the first time Moscow’s offer of assistance has been turned down.

Each year since 1995, Russia has offered the U.S. Forest Service the use of anIlyushin – and each time the offer has been turned down.

The Federal Aviation Administration and the U.S. Forest Service were notavailable for comment.

The Ilyushin 76 is a plane used for firefighting operations in many countries.According to experts, the aircraft can do in days or hours what otherfirefighting planes take weeks to achieve.

However, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said it was not the lack ofrescue aircraft that was causing the problems, but the weather.

Yet critics have said the Governor’s excuse is not good enough.

“In some fires, the winds will be toostrong for planes to be used. In others, they won’t be. What we are reallytalking about is whether there’s an option available,” Rohrabachersaid.

As the U.S. waits for the Sanda Ana winds to subside, the fires continue towreak havoc in the region.

At least six people have died so far. More than 40 others have been injured,including several firefighters.

U.S. President Bush has declared the fires a “major disaster” and hasincreased federal aid to help the region.

The flames have charred an area the size of New York City, damaged crops anddestroyed town houses and businesses.

Nearly a million people have been forced out of their homes in what hasbecome the largest evacuation in California’s history.

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