Gutter fire protection system from The Leafman Australia

Gutter fire protection system from TheLeafman Australia

 19 October 2007

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Australia — A recent study by the Bushfire CooperativeResearch Centre, the Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO has predicted that morefrequent and hotter bushfire seasons could be expected across Australia’ssouth-east.

Leaf Man Gutter Guard The Leafman Australia  has seen first hand over the years various disasters caused by bushfires and as Australians love to live in and around the bush they need to be aware of associated risks that may be avoided.

Local fire brigades have guidelines and invaluable advice about keeping your house as safe as you can in the fire season.

With the summer season approaching, it is a good time to access your property to reassure yourself that you have done all you can.

Apart from keeping your gutters clean, your local fire brigade will advise that you have a metal leaf guard installed to protect your roofline from ember attack.

Unfortunatley 85% of house fires are started from embers as far as 5 kilometres away.

The Building Code of Australian also requires that the index rating for thegutter guard in high fire danger areas must be less than 5.

All index ratings of the Leaf Man Gutter Guard are 0, reinforcing the factthat The Leafman Australia’s product made from Colorbond Steel, is a preferredfire resistant product to be used on your gutters.

The Leaf Man Gutter Guard has been chosen to be installed on many firestations along the east coast of Australia.

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