Australian Pump Industries offers water pumps to combat bush fires

Australian Pump Industries offers water pumps to combat bush fires

 14 October 2007

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Australia — Bush fire fighting authorities are predicting extreme fire danger conditions in most key areas of Australia. Encouraged by winter rains, underbrush is growing to record levels, with consequent danger to life and property.

Home owners are recommended to take pre-empted action as simultaneous fires can present authorities with situations where home owner self reliance plays a major role in fire control.

Australian Pump Industries  or Aussie Pumps Product Manager John Whiteley recommends simple steps to help with property and farm protection. “Clearing underbrush from around the house, clearing out gutters, installing steel gutter mesh and having a self priming fire pump hooked up to a tank or swimming pool, can be the difference between winning the battle against fire or losing your house,” he said.

Australian Pump Industries are Australia’s supplier of quality high pressure fire pumps, and are winners of the current NSW Rural Fire Service five year self priming pump supply contract.

The flagship of the product line is the Aussie Fire Chief, a lightweight high pressure pump built to strict ISO9001 quality standards. The pump delivers a whopping 75 metre head and self primes from depths as low as 7.6 metres.

It includes a wide range of unique features including a 7½ inch diameter heavy duty one piece impeller that delivers more water at high pressure than other pumps. A big belly body with a two inch detachable suction port is standard.

The outlet manifold consists of a flanged three way head that enables the operator the choice of using either two 1” outlets or one 1 ½” outlet. This means that the machine can either be operated with two 1” hoses and nozzles for putting out spot fires or, can be used with a bigger hose and nozzle for more serious fire protection duties.

The Aussie Fire Chief also comes with a genuine Japanese Honda engine in its standard configuration or, optionally, Yanmar or Robin air cooled diesel engine drives.

“We built the Fire Chief with the customer and the application in mind,” said Whiteley. “The standard version comes with steel skids and anti vibration mounts and an ergonomic carry handle for ease of movement,” he said.

The Fire Captain version has the same major performance advantages as the Fire Chief but comes in a complete steel cage style roll frame for ease of movement and protection.

Australian Pump Industries build a wide range of high pressure fire pumps including the super high head “Mr T’, a twin impeller pump that is designed for serious fire fighting applications. The range also includes fast fill tanker pumps in 2”, 3” and 4” versions with flows of up to 1800 litres per minute and pressures as high as 100 psi.

Australian Pump Industries have produced a handy fire protection guide for domestic and farm users that gives useful data on how to set up a pump protection system at minimal cost.

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