Tuva cannot cope with forest fires due to PM’s resignation

    Tuva cannot cope with forest fires due to PM’s resignation

19 September 2007

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Republic of Tuva, Russian Federation — A state of emergency has not been canceled in the Republic of Tuva yet. The state of emergency was announced over numerous forest fire in the republic on September 4. 10 serious forest fires have not been extinguished in Tuva, as Vladimir Nedelin, deputy-chairman of the republican government, told a KNews correspondent. Forests are on fire in the remote areas, where helicopters must be used.

However, local funds and finances from the reserve fund of the Russian Federation are not enough to ensure air flights to the fire areas. Tuva had already requested extra financing in the Russian Government. Due to the resignation of former Russian PM Mikhail Fradkov, the problem remains unsolved, Nedelin stated.

“We have not received any answer from the government in connection with the recent events. The republic has no more money for firefighting. Moreover, we are to clear up significant liability to Krasnoyarsk firefighting air service, which rendered assistance to the republic in summer,” Nedelin explained.


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