Veld fire destroyed veterinary quarantine camps

Veld fire destroyed veterinary quarantine camps

5 September 2007

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Namibia — A veld fire has destroyed large tracks of grazing land at some veterinary quarantine camps at Omauni near Okongo in the east of Ohangwena Region.

Speaking to Nampa today, the Regional Councillor for the Okongo Constituency, Paulus Mwahanyekange, said the fire had already gutted nine of the eleven camps since yesterday. 

Members of the Namibian Defence Force from the Kavango Region and some members of the community are fighting the blaze, while also attempting to prevent it from spreading to the two remaining quarantine camps. 

The regional councillor explained that the fire was still confined to the camps and had not yet reached nearby villages. 

He noted that this morning, NDF members from bases in Kavango were trying to rescue more than 100 head of cattle from the quarantine camps. 

He said it would be a setback to farmers, who keep their cattle in the quarantine camps before selling them to Meatco, if the fire destroyed the entire grazing in the camps.

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