Dozens Evacuated In Waialua Brush Fire

Dozens Evacuated In Waialua Brush Fire

13 August 2007

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Honolulu, HI, USA — This massive brush fire began around 2pm but spread so quickly that more than 30 companies were called to help beat back the flames.

Over a thousand acres have already been burned by this out-of-control fire which not only shut down Kaukonahua Road, the flames jumped the road and spread near neighboring homes. That has forced the evacuation of dozens of people living nearby.

As fire approached homes along Kaukonahua Road police evacuated residents.

Kaulana Kaneakua watched the wildfire, “Better get out of the house those people, better move or their house may burn, it’s coming right here the fire is right here.”

Wind fueled the flames. Firefighters took up defensive positions guarding homes.

As more fire engines arrived, some from as far away as Kalihi, more carloads of neighbors rushed out.

Some seemingly ran for their lives for safety behind the fire line. Others refused to leave and hosed down their property.

Witness Cynthia Dymally was concerned for the homeowners, “This is pretty scary for the people who live here, it’s very scary. I have a friend right down the road concerned for her and the house. “

Mike Madden fled the flames near his home on Hukilau Loop, “We could see it moving in real close and smoke got so thick we just had to get out of there.”

He’s never seen a fire like this, “Not like this, this has been the worst.”

The entire Madden family evacuated, his wife, grandson and, “Five dogs 11 cats and 3 birds,” says Madden.

Besides homes, valuable farmland is in it’s path. One bystander worried about his crop, “We are concerned about the fire hitting our noni farm up there. Got one hundred acres planted, got a call from Dole saying the fire was approaching the farm.”

Firefighters struggled to save lives and property.

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