Bushfire smoke impacting on residents’ health

Bushfire smoke impacting on residents’ health

14 August 2007

published by www.abc.net.au

Australia — Health authorities say smoke from bushfires is causing air pollution levels to rise on the New South Wales north coast, which is a problem for residents with respiratory problems.

Greg Bell of the North Coast Public Health Unit says it is a particularly bad time for asthmatics.

“When you’ve … got smoke that just comes and it’s there for a while and it just goes, the main issue for the health and wellbeing for people are the particles and the finer the particles,” he said.

“The further they travel down … into the lungs and that’s where you get the more serious health effects, so people that have already got some pre-disposed issues, like emphysema or asthma or something like that … these particles can further inflame the interior of the lungs.”

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