Honey hunt sparks hospital fire

Honey hunt sparks hospital fire

4 August 2007

published by www.news24.com

SouthAfrica: —  A firewhich broke out in an adjacent field, has spread to the Sulenkama Hospital inQumbu.

The SABC reports that six housing units at the hospital were gutted after agroup of men set fire to the nearby field in an attempt to harvest honey frombeehives.

The nurses’ belongings were also destroyed in the blaze.

Working on Fires said on Saturday that the total number of recent veld andforest fires around the country had risen to 28.

A spokesperson said 16 new fires had broken out on Friday in KwaZulu-Natal,Free State, Mpumalanga and neighbouring Swaziland.

“Firefighters worked under exhausting conditions in difficult terrain.

“The weather was hot and dry and there were spot-fires igniting ahead ofthe main fires,” he said.

He said fourteen fires were extinguished.

The spokesperson added that five firefighters had been slightly injured inMpumalanga on Friday.

They were taken to hospital and two have been discharged while three werebeing kept in hospital for observation.

“Three-hundred and fifty firefighters are deployed in Mpumalanga, and105 Working for Water personnel are on standby to assist with mopping-up in theprovince.”

Twenty-eight aerial resources had been operational throughout the day, headded.

“Businesses, NGO’s and the public have been very generous with donationsof food, bottled water, cold drinks and blankets.”


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