Ghana: Brong Students’ Union Educates Subinso Community

Ghana: Brong Students’ Union Educates Subinso Community

30 July 2007

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Ghana — The Brong Ahafo Students’ Union (BASU) as part of its 2007 National Congress, has held a sensitization programme on bushfires and HIV/AIDS for the people of Subinso, a farming community near Wenchi.

According to the Wenchi District Fire Officer, M.B. Boakye, the District is 4th on the table of recorded cases of bushfires out of which Subinso is a leading community.

It could be recalled that the entire Subinso community got burnt last two years due to bushfire and the community is noted for rampant bushfires.

Mr. Boakye urged the people of the community to desist from indiscriminate setting of fire to help protect the environment to have a better living.

He explained that, bushfires are the causes of harsh climatic conditions in the area that has contributed to low production of food crops and cash crops, which has resulted in low revenue generation and poor health conditions.

The District Fire Officer entreated members of the community to abide by the bye-laws instituted by the Wenchi District Assembly bushfires and the youth should also be engaged in fire volunteer activities, to assist the already members who due to old-age are not active enough.

The National President of BASU, Anane Agyei urged the community, especially the youth to form groups and venture into plantation of cashew, palm trees among others, since that could help prevent bushfires.

He urged them to form community watchdogs to check on people who disobey the laws of the Assembly and set fires indiscriminately, so that they could face the necessary fines.

According to Mr. Anane Agyei, bushfires has contributed to the hard economic situation of the country, since the water bodies are affected when the vegetations are destroyed by bushfires.

He cited that the low level of the Akosombo dam, which is the major supplier of electricity in the country, was due to the destruction of the vegetation along the banks of the White Volta.

The BASU National President urged the community to desist from using bad traditional method of farming to help preserve the vegetation so, the country could enjoy good life.

On HIV/AIDS, the Congress Coordinator of BASU, Stephen Owusu Asamoah advised the youth not to ruin their future with early-unprotected sexual lives, but concentrate on their education for brightfutures.

He called on parents to make their children’s education a priority and desist from pushing them into early marriage to have a fruitful future.

Mr. Asamoah stressed that AIDS is real so there is no need to doubt its existent, because one could not identified an AIDS patient by facial or physical appearances, so every body is at risk and need to take care.

He advised couples to be faithful to their partners, whilst those who are not yet married to abstain till marriage.

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