Crisis Proofing Your Business – a Tourism Teleseminar

Crisis Proofing Your Business – a Tourism Teleseminar 

31 July 2007

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Australia — Help is at hand for tourism operators facing crises like staff shortages and computer crashes, or big picture problems like a drop in visitors due to international terrorism, airline collapses or bird flu.

Global expert on crisis management in the tourism industry, Dr David Beirman will offer businesses practice advice during a special teleseminar next month, presented by business consulting firm Icon Tourism. 

“There’s plenty a tourism operator can do to minimise the impact of a crisis,” said Dr Beirman.

“Many businesses don’t realise that by following a few simple steps, they can prepare for all kinds of potential problems, big or small,” he said.

“Things like a bushfire, cyclone or airline problems don’t have to spell disaster for tourism businesses.”

Dr Beirman will provide solutions to help tourism businesses of all sizes prepare for a wide range of issues.

His strategies have been used by all manner of tourism businesses – tour operators, attractions, hotels, destination marketing organisations, wineries, and others.

Dr Beirman will be the keynote speaker during the teleconference and web simulcast on August 14.

Principal of Icon Tourism, Manny Papadoulis, said the advice provided by Dr Beirman would be invaluable to tourism operators.

“Crisis proofing your business is like taking out an insurance policy. It makes good business sense,” said Mr Papadoulis.

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