Most of fires across Macedonia put under control

Mostof fires across Macedonia put under control

27 July 2007

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Macedonia — Most of the fires across the country have been put under controlFriday afternoon, although the blazes at the villages of Goshinci, Plasnica,Nebregovo as well as the one at the Galichica Mountain are still active.

The firefighting efforts at the Kumanovo’s nearby village of Goshinci are hampered by the inaccessibility of the terrain as well as by the unexploded mines dug into the ground.
The wind is shifting direction of the fire at the Plasnica village area that scorched about 50 hectares of forests and pastures, spreading it toward the higher beech tree forests.

The fire near the Lari Company mine at the Nebregovo village is threatening to get out of control because of the inaccessible terrain.

The wildfire that spilled from Albania over the Galichica Mountain is nowspreading toward the village of Ljubanista. It has already consumed about 50hectares of land and even the use of Canadair was to no avail in efforts tolocalize it.
From the direction of Greece, flames are spreading over the Belasica Mountainnear the Secena Skala locality.
Smaller-scale blazes have been registered in the areas of Gorna Jakupica andGorno Jabolciste, Lakavica, Bratin Dol and the Tetovo’s nearby villages ofTudince, Kopance and Raotince.

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