Fires across Serbia under control

Fires across Serbia under control

23 July 2007

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Serbia — Forest fires on the Stara Mt. in southern Serbia have beenlocalized and nearly put out. Blaze in Kuršumlija is under control.

Police Rescue Unit Chief Predrag Marić told B92 that fires at Bela and TimočkoHill sites on the Stara Mt. were successfully contained after four days.

He added that none of the neighboring countries were able to assist since theyencountered the same problems.

“We have established contact with colleagues from Greece and Bulgaria, butthey are also engaged in battling blazes across their territories. InteriorMinister Dragan Jočić asked Russia’s Minister for EmergencySituations Sergei Shoigu for help, and he has agreed to send an IL-76aircraft to assist in firefighting campaigns,” Marić said.

Forest fires that broke out at six locations in the Kuršumlija municipalityfive days ago were also contained late Sunday. Firefighters managed to localizethe blaze on the 500 hectares spread of forest.

Kuršumlija Forestry Administration Chief Branislav Prolović said that afire in the village of Tačevac on the administrative line between Serbiaproper and Kosovo also died down.

The fire also ravaged the Šar Mountain National Park threatening to spread ontothe nearby village of Štrpce in Kosovo Sunday.

Environment Minister Saša Dragin contacted United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK)officials, warning them about the fire threat, since the presence of the Serbianpolice and army was not allowed in the area.


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