Govt urged to rethink fuel reduction planning

Govt urged to rethink fuel reductionplanning

8 June 2007

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Australia — A former CSIRO fire scientist is urging the Victorian Governmentto do more long-term planning for its fuel reduction burning program.

David Pakham was involved in the people’s fire review meeting at Orbost thisweek.

Mr Pakham says the Department of Sustainability and Environment isconcentrating its efforts on protecting assets, but should be doing morepatchwork burning in forest areas.

He says the large fire breaks being cut in west Gippsland will not stopfuture bushfires.

“It’s not just a matter of relying only upon protection of our assets,we have to look after the environment and putting mega fire breaks across thestate which are an abomination is not going to achieve anything I’m afraid,”he said.

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