Koperberg gets two climate change departments

Koperberg gets two climate change departments 

2 May 2007

published by wimmera.yourguide.com.au

Australia — NSW’s new Climate Change Minister, Phil Koperberg, has announced the creation of two new government departments to combat the impact of global warming.

Mr Koperberg, who was recently elected to the NSW Parliament to represent the seat of Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, was the State’s former bushfire supremo and copped plenty of flak for allegedly doing too little to avert some of the horrendous bushfires which have hit NSW in the past two decades.

Now Mr Koperberg is in charge of two new departments to tackle climate change – the Department of Environment and Climate Change and the Department of Energy and Water.

“The science is in and climate change is real – it will have widespread impacts on how we live our lives unless we keep working hard to tackle it,” he said.

The science is also in on hazard reduction burning to reduce the impact of bushfires but Mr Koperberg didn’t seem quite so keen to embrace that science when the NSW bushfire boss.

Mr Koperberg said the establishment of the two new departments meant the NSW Premier, Morris Imema, had honoured his election promise to take the leadv in climate change management.

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