Fire situation report of  the Aerial Forest Fire Protection Service of

Firesituation report of  the Aerial Forest Fire Protection Service of
Russia (Avialesookhrana), 

20 April 2007

source: Aerial Forest FireProtection Service of Russia (Avialesookhrana)

Accordingto the wildfire situation report of April 19, 2007 a total of 8 firesaffected 89 ha forested and 12 non forested lands, 4 firesof them were reported as new fires. In addition 37 fires occurred that wereput out the same day they have started.

Throughall of Russia 208 people, 5 aircraft, 62 bulldozers,tractors and engines have been involved in fire fighting.

Since the beginning of the 2007 fire season a total of 540 fires affected5262 ha forested and 362 ha non-forested lands of the Federal ForestAgency.

(Forcomparison: Last year up to this date 185 fires have burnt 1668 haforested and 1053 ha non-forested lands)
Most fires have been reported in the following regions:

  • Chita – 2

  • Khakasiya – 3

(preparedfor GFMC by Nastya Rodenko)

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