Fire situation in Germany

Firesituation in Germany

16 April 2007

source: GMLZ 

Germany — Little rain fall this year has lead to an increasing forest firedanger in Germany. The german forest fire danger rating system showed thehighest forest fire alert for the whole region of Brandenburg and Sachsen-Anhaltas well as for some parts of Sachsen and Niedersachen. In the other parts ofGermany, alert level 4 was predominantly indicated. The actual forest firedanger situation and the forest fire forecast of the German Weather Service(DWD) can be seen at

Due to the exceptional hightemperatures of the spring season, the forests which have been affected by thehurricane KYRILL make the situation even more difficult. Particularly inNordrhein-Westfalen firefighters and forest offices see the forest at asignificant fire risk.

Forest fires in Bavaria

In a forest nearby Antoniberg in the south of Bavaria, a firehas been ignited at 13 April 2007, probably caused by drought, and burnt 30 ha.The hilly site exacerbated fire suppression such that 11 helicopters were inforce. At 14 April, the fire was declared as an disaster event and hold on untilthe day after. 960 persons were involved in fire fighting operations.


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