Rise in grass blazes

Risein grass blazes

9 April 2007

published by www.expressandstar.co.uk

West Midlands, UK — Unseasonal temperatures have sparked a big increase in the number of grass fires in Wolverhampton.

Firefighters in Bilston say they are being called to up to three grass fires each day, which they believe are being started deliberately by young firebugs who are putting lives at risk.

Doug Barrett, watch commander at Bilston Fire Station, said: “The weather is warm for this time of year and the grass is dry. When the children are off school you expect the number of grass fires to rise.

“We go to schools to try to warn children of the dangers of starting fires in this way and we want to just say how very serious and dangerous this is.

“Fire by its very nature is out of control and grass fires can sometimes spread at up to 4mph. 

“Children have no idea which direction the flames will travel in and there is also the added hazard of smoke. 

“If the fires are started near roads then the breeze can blow the smoke over the road which is very dangerous for drivers.”

Young arsonists have also been sparking a series of blazes at beauty spot Cannock Chase, with 100 square metres of gorse heather going up in flames in one incident.

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