Unhealthy northern haze hangs in there

Unhealthy northern haze hangs in there

2 April 2007

published by www.bangkokpost.com

Bangkok,Thailand — Levels of dust particles in the northern provinces of Mae Hong Son and Chiang Rai on Monday still exceeded acceptable levels , according to the pollution control department.

The concentration of dust particles Mae Hong Son was measured at 169 micrograms per cubic-metre and at 123 micrograms per cubic-metre in Chiang Rai, exceeding the acceptable level set by health authorities of 120 micrograms.

The department has urged locals to refrain from outdoor burning and to inform local authorities of forest fires, so that blazes can be extinguished quickly.

The news is better in Chiang Mai province where smoke pollution has alleviated over the last week, with concentrations dropping below the hazardous level to 90 micrograms per cubic-metre, measured at Yupparat Witthayalai school on Monday.

Smoke pollution has worsened in the northern provinces since February. According to the Public Health Ministry, there were 74,502 patients suffering from respiratory problem during March 15-28. Many of those sufferers, 20,163, lived in Chiang Rai.

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