Air quality in Chiang Mai improves

Air quality in Chiang Mai improves

30 March 2007

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Thailand– The amount of smoke in Thailand’s northern province of Chiang Mai has dropped below the hazardous level, but the Chiang Mai tourism business association conceded nonetheless
that the haze pollution will take a toll on this year’s tourist arrivals during the long Thai traditional New Year or Songkran holiday in mid April.

The amount of dust particles measured at the provincial government offices on Friday was 101 microgrammes per cubic metre, compared to the health authorities acceptable standard of 120 microgrmames per cubic metre.

Levels of particulate irritants carried in the smoky air exceeded the acceptable level most of the past week, except for a brief respite during rains last weekend.

The region’s special artificial rain-making operation unit continues their work to reduce smoke, successfully causing rain in targeted areas in the southern portion of the province on Friday.

Chiang Mai tourism business association chairman Songwit Itthipattanakul said that although the haze problem will have only a short-term impact on local tourism, he believed that it will definitely affect the number of tourist numbers during the Songkran festival.

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