Ford Recalls New Super Duty Diesel Trucks

Ford Recalls New Super Duty Diesel Trucks

22 March 2007

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USA — There seems to be a small problem with Ford’s new diesel poweredF-Series Super Duty trucks: The tailpipes might just shoot flames. Theunintentional fires occur when leaking fuel or oil gets trapped in the newdiesel particulate filters near the tailpipe. These filters have been added sothat new diesel vehicles can meet strict emissions rules.

Ford says there have been three reports of fires, including one that set a smallgrass fire after the driver pulled over to the side of the road, but there havebeen no accidents or injuries reported. Roughly 37,000 trucks are being recalled;however, only 8,400 of those have been sold to customers. Those owners will benotified and will be able to get the problem fixed at their dealer. Ford saysthe problem can actually be resolved by reprogramming the truck’s software inas little as 10 minutes.

The “fix,” though, means that when the computer senses the filteroverheating it will tell the truck to power down and drivers will have to pullover until it cools. That sounds mighty inconvenient to us.

Ford Super Duty trucks featuring the gasoline powered 6.0 and 7.3-liter enginesare not affected by the recall.

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