Struggling to breathe

Strugglingto breathe

13 March 2007

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Thailand — Please help, we are struggling to breathe here in Chiang Mai. Thepollution is now so bad, with so many people complaining of headaches, sorethroats, stinging eyes and chest problems. Surely somebody in authority has thepower to enforce the laws against crop and rubbish burning?

What is the point of promoting health spas in Chiang Mai when we can’t evenbreathe?

(Karen Wenman)

Breathless up North

Reading the Bangkok Post recently, I am somewhat confused by the repeatedreports on pollution in Chiang Mai and the total failure of the authorities totake any action.

I live in Mae Rim along with my family who are suffering along with everyother resident. Burning eyes, sore throat, coughing and headaches are ourconstant companions! As for the stated “Total fire ban”, what a joke!

Anyone any day can drive around and witness numerous locals setting fire toanything they can, whether it will burn or not, resulting in a SmoulderingSmoking Wasteland.

The time to educate the people and to take action against those who stillburn has long gone, but like the saying says “Better late than never.”Start Now!

Let’s hope the government gets one thing right before their quicklydisappearing term comes to an end.

(Choking in Chiang Mai)

(Public opinion)

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