Bushfire advice ignored, Opposition says

Bushfire advice ignored, Opposition says

27 February 2007

published by www.abc.net.au

Australia — The ACT Opposition has accused the Government of ignoringexpert advice in its response to the coroner’s findings after Canberra’s 2003firestorm.

The Government has refused to re-establish the EmergencyServices Agency (ESA) as an independent body and has rejected setting up acourts administration authority, saying it would create unnecessary bureaucracy.

Opposition Leader Bill Stefaniak says the Government iscutting costs at the expense of the community.

“The Government has put the ESA back into theDepartment of Justice and Community safety as an economy measure as a result ofthe problems they’ve found themselves in due to their own mismanagement of theACT economy and clearly the first duty of any government is to the security ofits citizens,” he said.

“Clearly the citizens of the ACT do not want to seea repeat of January 2003.”

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