Forest floor is tinder dry

Forest floor is tinder dry

13 February 2007

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Canada — The lack of snow has the MNR anticipating a busy fire season.

The Ministry of Natural Resources is expressing some concerns over thedryness of the forest floor. Fire information officer Debbie MacLean says thatfor most of the Northwest region, the snow cover is below average and in termsof fire management, a dry spring is anticipated. The MNR is hoping someprecipitation before spring will ease the problem.

Over the next two days, regional fire managers are meeting to map out a planfor the next forest fire season. MacLean adds that this includes training dates,hiring staff, and acquiring equipment.

The dry conditions have caused concerns already with people camping duringthe winter season. There has already been a few reports of small fires in theThunder Bay District from people not putting out their shore lunch fires.

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