Australia on fire

Australiaon fire

16 December 2006

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Australia — GenerationQ this morning brings you a news update this morningfor the bushfires happening around the country.

Currently 22 fires are alight around the state. Due to the easing weatherconditions over the last 36 hours in the state, the majority of blazes are undercontrol; some blazes however, are yet to be contained in the areas of Kilsyth,and also forestation areas in both the Heyfield and Barnsdale Complexes.

Since the bushfires started burning in the state, almost 300,000 hectares havebeen burnt out, with up to twenty houses being destroyed. The fires have alsoclaimed a fatality; one man has died after attempting to contain a deliberatelylit fire. For residents of Victoria living in bushfire affected areas, aninformation hotline has been set up. The number of the hotline is 1800 240 667 (thisservice is for residents living in bushfire areas only).

For more information on the Victorian bushfires, go to

As of last night, 10 bush fires were currently burning, burning more than 30,000hectares in the process. The worst fires are in Scamander (currently undercontrol), and Kellyville, which is not yet under control.

Houses have also been destroyed, but there have been no reports of fatalities.

For more information on the Tasmanian bushfires, go to

New South Wales
The majority of bushfires throughout the state have now been contained, with theexception of Narrabri, which is currently burnt out 6,000 hectares.

Fires across the state have gone up to and past 70,000 hectares, which are inthe process of being controlled.

Easing weather conditions with temperatures being in the low twenties havehelped fire fighters immensely.

For more information on the New South Wales bushfires, go to

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