Agencies’ fire performance gets criticized

Bracks pledges extra $4m for bushfireaffected tourism

31 January 2007

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Australia — The Victorian Government has announced an extra $4 million fortourism recovery in bushfire affected regions.

Premier Steve Bracks says the funds will be used to drawvisitors back to the north-east and Gippsland.

He says the popular Craig’s Hut, which was built for TheMan From Snowy River movie, will be rebuilt after it was destroyed by thebushfires last month.

“That will be the reopening of tracks, therebuilding of tourist infrastructure and we’ll be setting up as of today about$4 million to assist in the recovery of Gippsland and the north-east in a timewhen it would have been one of the most prosperous times for them over theChristmas, New Year period,” he said.

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