Firefighters Tell True Stories of Heroism and Heartbreak in 90-Minute Documentary

Firefighters Tell True Stories of Heroismand Heartbreak in 90-Minute Documentary

27 January 2007

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USA — February 11 at 1pm/12CT on The History Channel(R) BusinessEditors/Entertainment Editors NOVATO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jan. 25,2007–From big city engine companies to small town volunteer fire departments,”Into the Fire” takes viewers on an inspiring adventure of heartbreakand joy. This 90-minute documentary, funded and presented by Fireman’s FundInsurance Company, captures amazing stories told first-hand by men and womenfirefighters who have dedicated their lives to protecting others. The encorepresentation of “Into the Fire” is February 11, 2007 at 1pm/12CT onThe History Channel(R).

“Into the Fire” allows real-life firefighters to describe the dailytrials and triumphs of their job, from daring urban rescues to deadly battleswith massive forest fires. Introduced by actor Gary Sinise, the film offers arare glimpse inside fire station camaraderie, detailing the humor and fierceloyalty shared by the firefighters of an engine company. While many of theirstories recount the thrill of saving a life, just as many are haunted by thevictims and colleagues they were unable to save. Among the film’s unforgettableparticipants are:

— Tomi Rucker (firefighter, Washington, DC): a female firefighter who recallsresponding to the crash of a passenger jet into the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001.

— Mike Perry (vol. firefighter, New Auburn, WI): while working in this smallMidwestern community, he speaks eloquently about the quirks of responding tolocal emergencies – from putting out fires to helping his neighbor’s distraughtgoose.

— Bryan Howard (firefighter/paramedic, Los Angeles): this former high schoolfootball star was a member of the fire and rescue team responding to theNorthridge earthquake of 1994 – the most costly quake in U.S. history.

— Ray Caballero (firefighter, Chicago): a few years ago, Caballero was severelyburned during a rescue and almost died, but returned to serve the departmentagain after a nine-month recovery.

— Rick Smith (firefighter, Ipswich, MA): this 20-year veteran of firefightingdescribes how he responded alone, due to understaffing, to a fire in which awoman and two children died.

— Keith Walker (firefighter, Alexandria, VA): tells a story about overcomingthe odds -growing up in inner city Washington, D.C. surrounded by drugs andcrime – to become a respected firefighter and community leader.

— Gerry Shannon (retired captain, San Francisco): this veteran firefighterdescribes a perilous race against time to rescue a woman trapped in a collapsedbuilding in the aftermath of San Francisco’s 1989 earthquake.

— Brit Rosso (Superintendent, Arrowhead Hotshots, Kings Canyon, CA): thiscareer firefighter has been with the U.S. Forest Service for more than 20 years.He leads a 20-person wildland firefighting crew which responds to fires acrossthe country.

“Into the Fire” is funded and presented by Fireman’s Fund InsuranceCompany in an effort to raise the nation’s awareness about challenges faced byfirefighters. The film is an extension of the company’s social mission tosupport firefighters for safer communities. Since 2004, Fireman’s Fund hasdonated $10 million to more than 300 departments nationwide.

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