Komodo Park forest on fire

KomodoPark forest on fire

24 January 2007

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Indonesia — A fireraging in forests within Padar Island’s Komodo National Park has destroyed morethan 1,500 hectares of woodland, a park ranger says.

Fisherman, who anchoredoff the island, are thought to have accidently caused the fire.

Chief ranger Sitorussaid Tuesday the fire started on Sunday. “We’ve tried hard to stop theblaze but our efforts are not working,” he said.

“The fire is bigand we’re only using simple equipment to fight it.”

Rangers and the policewere hunting down the fishermen believed to be responsible for setting the fire,he said.

The park, which has atotal area of 2,017 hectares, is spread over the Padar, Komodo and Rinca islands.

East Nusa Tenggaracouncil member Yan Sehandi called on the rangers Tuesday to work fast to stopthe fire before it threatened the park’s rare Komodo dragon.

“Don’t let the fire bring thecountry to the world’s attention because it threatened the Komodo dragon,”he said.

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