New RFID sensor network to monitor bushfireand wildfire ignitions

23 October 2006

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Australia — Telepathx Ltd announced today that it has developed a newlow cost wireless RFID fire mapping sensor that will alert fire brigades withintwo minutes of spotting a bushfire ignition.
The tiny TPX-VRF sensor said James Eades, company CEO and founder will allowfirelighters to respond to fires faster than ever, it is the first  realtime early warning fire mapping solution available and it will reduce the impactand spread of bushfires on communities.
Unlike geospatial satellite mapping systems that provide fire mapping datawithin 1-24 hours, or Ariel reconnaissance that rely on thermal imaging ofhotspots this system is a terrestrial based system that can monitor and reportignitions with pinpoint accuracy.
Eades said the VRF line of sensors can be used as a stand alone early firewarning system for communities, or they also can be used in conjunction with itsasset monitoring systems for energy providers.
Telepathx patent pending active RFID sensors are truly innovative in the waythey can remotely detect and notify of excessive ambient, convected or radiatedheat for extended periods, up to 10-12 years in 24-7 real time without the needof maintenance or management. These tiny innovative, simplistic wireless sensorsdo not require energy to monitor, yet they can activate to within a + – 2° of apre determined setting initializing its isolated power supply and its activeRFID transmission system, making them ideal for remote fire monitoring.
Telepathx expects the systems will cost about $1500.00 USD per kilometredepending on sensor saturation.
About Telepathx Ltd

Headquartered in Melbourne Australia, Telepathx Ltd is a leading provider ofwireless sensing and communications solutions. Utilizing its patent-pending EITGtechnology, coupled with the Telepathx GSM network, Telepathx provides energyproviders and emergency services organizations with innovative,highly-competitive, market-driven solutions that increase the quality of powerand life to millions of residents worldwide.


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