Federal Forestry Agency of Russia to spend RUB 300 million on equipment for

Federal Forestry Agency of Russia tospend RUB 300 million 
on equipment for aerial forest protection

18 October 2006

published by www.lesprom.ru

Russia — According to the Decision of the Government of the RussianFederation # 1409-p dated October 6, 2006, the Federal Forestry Agency isauthorized to spend RUB 300 million for the procurement of aircraft andequipment for aerial forest protection, plus a little over RUB 152 million forother silvicultural and fire-fighting equipment. These amounts are fixed in theamendments introduced by this Government Decision in the “list ofconstruction sites and expenditures for Federal government needs in 2006financed as part of state capital investments allocated for implementation ofthe 2006 Federal Targeted Investment Program”. Originally, it was plannedthat this line of the Federal Budget (02 053 0407 1020000 214 310) in the amountof RUB 500 million would be spent on the shared (with regions) construction offorest roads, but in early 2006 the plans to use these funds for forest roadconstruction were already abandoned. As a result, RUB 452 million would be spenton the equipment for Avialesookhrana and other units of the Federal ForestryAgency.  It remains unclear what the remaining RUB 48 million will beallocated for.  <Translated from Russian by A.Kushlin>


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