Aircraft shortage doesn’t affect CFA’s confidence

Aircraft shortage doesn’t affect CFA’s confidence

10 October 2006

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Victoria, Australia — Victoria’s Country Fire Authority (CFA) is confident it will be able to control bush and scrub fires despite not having all of its firefighting aircraft in operation.

Crews battling a grassfire in Geelong yesterday requested air support but there were no suitable planes or helicopters available.

It is scrambling to get hold of firefighting aircraft after an early start to the bushfire season.

Many aircraft used by the CFA and the DSE are still being used to fight fires interstate and overseas.

The Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Craig Lapsley, says fire authorities are working to get the aircraft ready.

“We are satisfied that the resources we have got are available and can be deployed across the state to deal with those fires,” he said.

“In a perfect world it would be better to have more, but we are working with the contractors to see the aircraft come on as they are available for fireoperations.”


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