Bushfire ‘sparked by hazard burning’

Bushfire ‘sparked by hazard burning’

25 September 2006

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Sydney, NSW, Australia — A special police taskforce could be set up if it’s proven arsonists were responsible for any of the bushfires across Sydney at the weekend.

While the cause of a number of fires is yet to be determined, the Rural Fire Service suspects some were started by firebugs taking advantage of high winds and unseasonally hot temperatures.

NSW Police Commissioner Ken Moroney has told 2GB’s Chris Smith if this is true he’ll take every step to catch the offenders.

“If my officers report to me there’s some serial aspect to these fires then I’ll reinitiate Strikeforce Tronto and pull out that big gun,” he said.

“At the moment local police are investigating these with local fire authorities.”

Hazard burns ‘spark blaze’

Evidence is emerging that the fire which devastated Sydney’s northwestern outskirts yesterday was sparked by logs left smouldering, following hazard reduction operations.

Michael – who lives on the Hawkesbury River – says he believes the blaze was a direct result of the RFS failing to properly extinguish the logs following a burn two weeks ago.

Michael has told 2GB’s Ray Hadley he has no doubt where the flames came from.

“It’s still burning over there now. It jumped the river and went straight up through the bush there and there’s only one place it can go and that’s up the hill,” he told 2GB.

“It’s got to be the same fire.”

Resident concerns ‘ignored’

Shadow emergency services minister Andrew Humpherson says the residents deserve an explanation.

“Why weren’t concerns, when they were raised by residents, addressed? With extreme conditions why wasn’t anything done,” he said.

“People have lost their homes here and are entitled to some quick answers.”


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