Vision 2050 Forestry Ghana Limited

Vision 2050 Forestry Ghana Limited 
Appeal to His Excellency, President J.A. Kufuor

15 September 2006

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We, the network of vision 2050 Forestry farmers, wish to draw the attention of His Excellency J.A Kuffour to the economic sabotage and the frustration the Forestry Service Division (FSD) of the Forestry Commission (FC) is causing to our mother company, Vision 2050 Ghana Ltd. and the nation as a whole.

The FSD uses the issuance of Conveyance Certificate and permit to sabotage the tree farmers and private forestry, resulting in economical sabotage to the private company and the nation as well.

Tree farmers cannot sell their trees due to the cumbersome procedures FSB officials subject them to in getting permit and conveyance, knowing very well that they (FSD) have no equality in the farms. The FSD claims that all trees on the field and in transit belong to them, which in the ethemological term is false.

They have Forest guards, range supervisors, District Task Force, Regional and national task forces yet illegal timber constitutes over 85% in the market.

Your Excellency, private Forestry which is nothing but trees farming, has come to stay due to the failure of the FSD to protect and conserve our forest in the past decades and must be given the freedom to work. Our mother company lost over ¢29 billon to bush fire due to frustration in the following: Worawora, Agomeda, Domabin Dedeso, Adukrom and Nkenkensu. Our uniform network, which is made up of 161-unit each constituted of 5-10 communities in the districts, is appealing to you to:

(1) To prevent the FSD from using such wrong methods in benefiting unduly from the toil of trees farmers and private investors knowing very well that they have not contributed to their work.

(2) To allow Vision 2050 Forestry Ghana Ltd to come back to fields to continue their good job and restore the means of income for the workers and the farmers at Agomeda, Woraowra, Botwease, Amasamab, Dedeso, Dormabin, Salaga, Adukrom, Ntronang, Katanga, Ho, Kobriso, Agogo just to mention a few.

(3) To prevent Forestry Service Division from frustrating and harassing the tree farmers and Private Company such as our mother company (vision 2050 Forestry Ghana Ltd).

(4) To impress on the FSD of the Forestry Commission to use their forest guards, range supervisors, district and regional managers to monitor their own plantations and not to encroach upon trees farmer’s plantations since they have no equity in our work.

We plead that you act promptly on these issues to save our dying farmers.

Thank you.

Theodore k Viwotor.
Acting PRO


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